About Us

CryptoCurrency Systems Incorporated Ltd is a software development and Information Technology services company based in Cyprus.

The focus is primarily on agile software development, which is software that is being created dynamically and driven by the business needs, feedback and interaction. The front end web based rich applications are adaptive and run on cross platforms such as PCs and mobile devices. We follow strongly Google's mentality to software development, which is simply: "The Browser is the Computer". In this manner our applications run on any server, cloud, or Google's App Engine, accessible from any browser, regardless of operating system, thus being cost effective, less resilient to change and scalable.

With proven expertise on web-based enterprise applications development and IT security, the company has taken a solid direction since 2013 to focus on the development of cryptocurrency solutions, including back end and front end systems.


Web based Enterprise Application developed by Cryptosysinc, runs on any browser and platform including mobile.


The company currently employs 13 talented software developers split in 4 teams working on the different projects.

We are currently seeking funding for continuing developing the projects which will open many business opportunities such as providing Software as a Service, support, consulting and operating bitcoin services.

Technology Specialization.

CryptoCurrency Systems Inc. develops services based on the bitcoin technology (as a store of value and as a medium of exchange). Our services can be applied to other cryptocurrencies but the company’s focus at the moment is bitcoin.